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From Brynovsky and Riffy Dog

Time is Now LP

12 new tracks for 2014 from Brynovsky with Leroy Jones on lead vocal. Listen/Watch. Download/Buy.

Hard Curves LP

The instrumental debut release for Air Street and Brynovsky is now out.

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Losing Control EP

Losing-Control EP - Cat AIRSTR004

Release 22.9.14

Limited Edition streaming only
Reggae hybrid, downtempo, alternative

Time is Now LP

Time-is-Now LP - Cat AIRSTR003

Release 10.1.14

Reggae hybrid, old school, dub, downtempo

City of Lights Single

City of Lights / Put the Baby Down to Sleep - Cat AIRSTR002

Release 30.8.13

Reggae hybrid, dub, reggae

Hard Curves LP

Hard Curves - Cat AIRSTR001

Release 17.12.10

Crisp instrumental reggae & dub

Air Street Records, formed in the summer of 2010, is currently focusing on releasing the work of Brynovsky who are working on their 3rd album.

All our A&R efforts are currently going into Brynovsky and related projects but we are always interested in hearing from potential collaborators.

We are completely independent and a member of AIM.